These Charlotte Soft Sole shoes are meticulously hand crafted from genuine leather & premium suede, perfected by a scallop trim and beautiful golden buckle. A premium addition to the MooBear brand you will not be disappointed in these magnificent Mary Jane style soft sole shoes.


Strong genuine leather uppers and super-soft suede soles wrap the foot in rich, breathable leather. The t-bar ensures the shoe stays securely, yet comfortably, on the foot. The golden buckle creates a secure fit that stays on but is easy to take off...that is, if they ever decide to take them off!


The Charlotte Genuine Leather Soft Sole shoes will keep your child’s feet protected, dry, and oh-so-comfortable. They are strong and robust, yet flexible and light to allow your little walker to move around effortlessly.


Charlotte Custom Designed Genuine Leather Soft Sole Shoes

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    • Designed with healthy foot development in mind
    • Hand made
    • Non-slip
    • Soft Soles to encourage walking
    • Strong, Robust and Flexible for easy moving

  • When selecting the size of your little one's feet it is suggested that you measure the feet from the tippy top big toe, to the bottom of the heel, and then ADD ONE cm. This is to ensure that there is room for growth.


    Inner sole length

    Approximate Age

    Size 2 11 cm 3 - 6 months
    Size 3 11.8 cm 6 - 12 months
    Size 4 12.6 cm 12 - 18 months
    Size 5 13.4 cm 18 - 24 months

    If you're unsure about the size, rather go one up as they can always grow into it. Please note that the age range is only approximate and that physical measurement of your little one's feet is the only way to ensure the correct size. Don't be sorry - MEASURE & RE-MEASURE!