These little bow ties are my little girls' favourite!  They come in pairs so that you're able to wear both at the same time!  


Available in two different sizes - Medium (4.5cm x 2cm) and Large (5.5cm x 2cm), the possibilities are endless! The bows in the main picture is Large Size and in the subsequent pictures they are Medium size.  They are made out of 2.2cm wide premium quality printed grosgrain ribbon and ribbon trims. 


A set of Medium Bow Ties are $5 and Large Bow Ties are $6.


They are available in a variety of colours:  Red/White Chevron, Black/White/Pink, Blue/White Chevron, Brown/Pink Polka, Pink/Black Polka,  Pink/White Chevron, Starfish, Purple Hearts, White/Blue Polka


You can also attach these bows to hairbands, hats or just your hair! 


The clip is a strong two-prong alligator clip and measures 4.5cm long.   All hair clips have a non-slip grip making them perfect for all hair types!

Bow Ties (Pairs)

PriceFrom $5.99