Hi!  My name is Janine and I am the proud mama of a little Moo and a big Bear!  

I spent the majority of my adult life building a career in the corporate world as a Management Consultant, but when I had my own children, I longed to be at home with them and start my own business. 

I started a beautiful handmade hair accessories business in 2015 called BowMyHair because I loved crafting amazing hair pieces for my own daughter.  As time progressed, the longing to include additional products to the store  brought me to start MooBear®. 

As I cannot hand-make everything anymore, MooBear® is the product of my thoughts and work over the last few years that has culminated into an online store that specialises in baby and toddler products and accessories. Specifically, I want to share the products that I loved to use with my own babies focusing on soft and snuggly blankets, gorgeous boutique style clothing and shoes, handcrafted natural accessories and more.

Handmade BowMyHair products are now available here at MooBear® and the majority are still handmade (I still love crafting!) with a few of my favourites sourced elsewhere.  At MooBear®, I have sought to design and hand-pick the highest quality items that have been produced from organic materials and in a socially responsible way wherever possible.  

I'm excited to set new trends in Australia and share my own unique style with you. I like to pay specific attention to the detail in each item and hope that you enjoy them.


Wear Natural.  Feel Beautiful.